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Yuk, Mbatik
Author : Indra Tjahjani  | ISBN : 978-602-7596-41-2 | Size : 20 x26 cm
| 120 | FC

Batik has become more popular in Indonesia, and in the world. However, not many people know the history of batik in Indonesia and how the process of creating and manufacturing batik.
This book invites the audiences, especially young people, to be more familiar to the practice of making batik. It is worth reading as a practical guide for students about how to make batik and being creative with it.
By creating batik, we can enhance our creativity and also learning the art of self-control. Moreover, we also help to preserve the cultural heritage.

Chic in Kebaya
Author: Esensi Team
ISBN: 978-979-075-160-6
Size: 15x21 cm |128 | FC

Kebaya is not only about fashion or trend. Kebaya is a symbol of elegancy, feminism, and culture that passed beyond time and space. Kebaya is known to be part of Indonesian women’s soul.
In the modern era, women have bigger role. And the way they dressed themselves has change too.
So is Kebaya, which has evolves along with the fashion trend.

Chic in Kebaya invites every young woman to learn more about Kebaya and its history. The book is full of images of beautiful Kebaya for every occasion.

Chic in Batik
Author: Ami Wahyu
ISBN: 978-602-759-602-3
Size: 19x13 cm | 128 | FC

Aside from elaborating the history of batik, this book also reviews various kinds of batik from all over Indonesia. It also displays a variety of the latest batik fashion styles, for something casual—strolling, arisan, traveling; at work or in organizations; and for formal events—weddings, cocktail parties, etc. It comes with tips for choosing, preserving and how to match batik and its accessories.

This book can be an inspiring reference for you to look stylish in batik. You will love this national treasure more.

Practical Guide for Flower Arrangement
Author: Yunita Ayukemala
ISBN: 978-979-099-836-0
Size: 20,5x20,5 cm | 72 | FC

This book contains practical guides to make fresh flower arrangements. Simple, practical, yet enchanting. A beginner will find it very easy to follow, and an advanced practitioner would find it inspiring. This book will show you how to be a florist with limited option of flowers and plants. Even anyone who isn’t into flowers would find it very tempting to try.

Written by an expert of flower arrangement
All the arrangements are designed to work with flowers and plants which are easy to find.
The guides are very practical and easy to follow.


Get to Know About Batik
Author: EFK Team| ISBN: 978-602-252- 390-1 |Size: 21 x 28 cm | 32 | FC

Did you know that UNESCO has recognized batik as world heritage owned by Indonesia? Did you know that the existence of batik can be traced since the days of the Majapahit kingdom?
Let’s fi nd out about the history of batik, tools for making batik, manufacturing process, and many more!