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About Erlangga Group

Established on April 30th 1952, Erlangga Group formerly focusing only on school books. In its sixty years, Erlangga Group has established a distinctive presence on the Indonesia publishing scene. We are well known for the quality of our publications and the large range of our products.

Nationally acknowledged as the best educational book publisher, Erlangga Group for decades has endured the rise and fall of Indonesia’s educational sector. However, in the last ten years, we start to publish many titles from internationally and localy famous authors from children’s book to popular genre. Now our product is a mix of beautifully produced text-book, children’s book, non fiction, fiction, and magazine. In creating a product, we always put our faith in our appreciation of educational value. We always ensure that our product is enriched with didactic value.

Nowadays, we can proudly announce that Erlangga Group is the home of many well known authors and famous children’s characters.

The scope of our publication is divided into five basic categories, school books/text book, higher education book, children’s book, popular book (fiction and non fiction), and reference. The responsibility to publish those titles are handle by Penerbit Erlangga and its four imprints Erlangga for Kids, Esensi, Esis, and Phißeta.

Penerbit Erlangga, for years we have published school books with high quality in accordance and based on the dynamics of Indonesian curriculum. For decades, out products are vastly recognized by educators (from kindergarten to university level) and government.

Esensi, through this imprint Erlangga Group publishes trade and popular books. Now, Esensi is very productive in publishing best-selling titles.

Erlangga for Kids, this imprint specializes in producing our children’s book.  In the span of five years, EFK has grown from merely a player in children’s book market to one of its market leader. Now, EFK is the local home for many internationally famous children’s characters.

Esis and Phißeta, is imprints of ours which publish our high end school books.

We strive for the satisfaction of our customers. Hence, to serve our customers better, we situate our branch offices and marketing persons in most areas of Indonesia.

Now, Erlangga Group is widely known for its beautiful-high quality product and good customer services. But our success will not be realized without the assistance of our affiliates, GAP PRINT, Eureka, and Erlass.