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Indonesia, a continuous source of Ideas…

Hello and welcome to Penerbit Erlangga’s foreign rights page.

Established in 1952, we are one of the biggest publishing companies in Indonesia. Our work is the cross point between text book and popular book. We always pour a lot of passion into our products thus we can assure you wholeheartedly that you’ll find our products to be one of a kind.

Creating a great product requires many ingredients. Aside from passion, skill, state-of-the-art technology, we also need exceptional environment to be the unlimited source of our ideas. Speaking about environment, many of you might have known that Indonesia offers many advantages to us, that our country is one of the gems of Asia.

Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is an archipelago comprising 13,466 islands. It encompasses 33 provinces and 1 Special Administrative Region. With the population of over 238 million people, Indonesia is world's fourth most populous country.

Lies between latitudes 11°S and 6°N, and longitudes 95°E and 141°E, Indonesia consists of 17,508 islands. These are scattered over both sides of the equator. The largest are Java, Sumatra, Borneo, New Guinea, and Sulawesi.

At 1,919,440 square kilometers (741,050 sq mi), Indonesia is the world's 15th-largest country in terms of land area and world's 7th-largest country in terms of combined sea and land area. There are around 300 native ethnic groups in Indonesia, and 742 different languages and dialects.

Those hundreds of ethnic groups, each with cultural identities developed over centuries, are influenced by Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and European cultures. Traditional Javanese and Balinese dances, for example, contain aspects of Hindu culture and mythology. Textiles such as batik, ikat, ulos and songket are created across Indonesia in styles that vary by region.

Not only that, Indonesia is also famous for its beautiful sceneries: majestic mountains, virgin beaches, green paddy fields, and the bluest of oceans. Those factors above has make Indonesia a famous travel destination.

To cut a long story short, we strongly believe that the conditions above made Indonesia a rich and continuous source of ideas for authors in creating their works.

As an old and established Indonesian publishing company, you’ll find that we are the home of many interesting local titles. In Erlangga, we offer many interesting titles to be licensed by foreign publisher. Ranging from text book for school children, higher education text book, reference book, children’s book, cook book, business, self help and fiction to Islamic reading, that’s how wide our list of publication is. If you are looking for an Indonesian book to license, voilà, Erlangga is your solution

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