Our legacy a passion for education

Established in 1952, Erlangga Group is one of the first Indonesian publishers that focused on school books. Today, within its sixth decades of services, Erlangga Group has formed a distinctive presence in Indonesia’s publishing scene. We are well-known for the fine quality of our publications and the large range of our products.

Surviving the rise and fall of Indonesia’s educational sector, we are now the biggest educational publisher in Indonesia. Furthermore, during the last ten years, we have published many titles written by internationally and locally famous authors, especially for children books and trade books. Hence, our products become a mix of beautifully produced textbooks, children books, and trade books. Now, we can proudly announce that Erlangga Group is the home of many well-known authors and famous children’s characters.

In creating products, we always ensure that the products are enriched with didactic value, products that can be enjoyed by many Indonesians. To achieve that, we do our best in distributing the products throughout Indonesia, the fourth most populated country in the world. For that reason alone, we have been expanding our marketing offices throughout Indonesia.

Being a publishing group that is widely known for its beautiful, high-quality products, and caring customer services, Erlangga reached its success from the cooperation of our affiliates: GAP PRINT, Eureka, and Erlass Institute. Together, we strive to achieve the best in customer satisfaction.

Timeline of Erlangga Group History

Erlangga publisher was established in 1952. Erlangga success story was started with “Sejarah Umum, jilid 1 & 2”, a history text book for high schools. Other best selling school books also emerged: Kimia – Polling, IPA – Widagdo, and “Lagak Ragam Bahasa”.

From 1970 – 1980, Penerbit Erlangga embraced the government attention to develop college books. This decade is the Golden Age of Erlangga higher education books.

Expansion was started in 1981. Erlangga production has risen substantially. GAP, our printing company, was established in 1987.

In the era of year 2000, what has started as mere publishing company, now grown into a group companies called Erlangga Group:

Year 2000 : The birth of Esis brand.
Year 2003 : The birth of Erlangga for Kids (EFK) brand.
Year 2006 : Besides the birth of Esensi brand. Year 2006 also witnessed the birth of Eureka Bookhouse, our own boostore.
Year 2007 : The birth of Eureka Logistics.
Year 2009 : 2009 is the year when the first Erlangga Fair is held at Pejaten Vilage.
Year 2010 : The birth of Erlass. Erlass is a subsidiary of Erlangga Group specializing in holding the trainings, the seminars, and the workshop.