ESENSI | The fourth imprint of Penerbit Erlangga. Specializing in producing trade and popular books, this imprint has produced many best-selling titles.


  1. Parenting is a category of our products that promote on how to nurture and raise children.
  2. Health is a category of our products that promotes family health and women’s health. We developed the titles in this category in a fun and light way. Thus, this will be an easy to comprehend product for our readers.
  3. Cook book. We developed many cook books that goes with traditional food, trendy food, and also food from days gone by. Our books always show not only the recipes but also how to process the ingredients and the best technique to cook.
  4. Beauty. This is a line that we develop to bring up fashion and beauty topics.
  5. Home and interior is a category in which we develop books with home and space interior design theme.
  6. Fiction. We are currently the home of many internationally and nationally well know authors.
  7. Marketing tips is a category on which we develop marketing related theme books.
  8. Work skills, is a reference book category on how to improve and develop working skills and expertise.
  9. Motivation is a category of books that are written to give motivation on how to improve confidence.
  10. Leadership is a category of reference book on leadership skills.
  11. Business and investment in a category of reference books on business and investment.
  12. Introduction on types of professions is a category of reference book on different type of professions. This category is projected for students.
  13. Famous personality is a category which brings the subject of famous personalities, which includes biography, compilation of ideas or thoughts, compilation of essays written by famous personality).
  14. Educational reference for students and teachers is a category of reference book which brings the theme of education, as additional materials for teacher and student.