Cook Book

Indonesian Culinary Series


Soup & Soto
Author: Linda F. Adimidjaja
ISBN: 978-602-7596-47-4
| 56 | FC

In this book there are 25 soup and soto recipes from all over Indonesia.  Those recipes are very diverse, different and have delicious taste. The choices here are very varied: made with beef, chicken, duck, or fish. These dishes can be served as main course or as appetizer. And all is very tempting.



Favourite Noodle
Author: Linda F. Adimidjaja
ISBN: 978-602-7596-49-8
| 60 | FC

In this book there are 25 favorite noodles recipes from all over Indonesia which have very diverse and different taste but all delicious.

Noodle dish, which is said to have originated from China, also popular in Indonesia and even has become part of the culinary treasures of Indonesia. Almost every county or city in Indonesia has a signature noodle dishes, such as Mi Kocok Bandung, Mi Juhi Betawi, Mi Celor Palembang, Mi Siram Medan, etc. With distinctive flavor of each region, noodle dishes became more varied pleasures.



Chicken & Duck
Author: Linda F. Adimidjaja
ISBN: 978-602-241-627-2
| 60 | FC

There are 25 recipes of chicken and ducks in this book. All of those recipes are originated from all over Indonesia.

Dish of chicken and duck has always been a family’s favorite in Indonesia. They are boiled, baked, roasted, deep fried, and grilled with a variety of seasoning techniques. With distinctive flavor of each region, chicken and duck dishes became more varied pleasures.



Flavors of Manado
ISBN: 978-979-075-731-8 | 64 | FC

Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi province in Indonesia. Manado’s local food, also known as Minahasan food, is very interesting cuisine. Manado food also known as one of the spiciest food in the world. Most of the food here include of hot fresh chillies!

In this book, you will find 29 recipes such as Chicken Rica-rica, Manado Porridge, Tuturaga Meat to Klappertart and Panada.



Indonesian Satay
ISBN: 978-979-099-613-7 | 64 | FC

Satay or sate, is one of Indonesian popular dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce. Satay usually made of sliced or diced chicken, duck, goat, mutton, beef, pork, and sea food.  The authentic version uses skewers from the midrib of the coconut leaves, although bamboo can use too. Satay are grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings.

Satay dish is always a favorite of the young and old, popular even to foreign countries. Indonesia has a  variety satay dishes, with different taste from the entire archipelago. In this book, you can find twenty-five recipes of delicious satay, with the step-by-step


Beef & Mutton
ISBN: 978-602-759-638-2 | 64 | FC

Beef and Mutton is a famous basic of many delicious cuisine in Indonesia. Almost every region in Indonesia has the popular cuisine made from beef and mutton.

In this book you can learn how to cook these complete materials in a correct way. Great reference on how to choose the right seasoning and additions. You can make your special cuisine from beef and mutton at your kitchen for your beloved one.



25 Recipes of Delicious Pudding
Author: Ambarini Kartohadiprodjo
ISBN: 978-602-7596-48-1
| 60

In this book there are 25 gelatin pudding recipes that are guaranteed to be everyone’s favorite.

Adults and children alike will enjoy these gelatin pudding and love to have them as a dessert. With variation in taste and appearance, the puddings will enliven the atmosphere of your dining experience. You can try these recipes at home with your children, to teach them how to cook, because pudding are easy to make, fun, and also a challenge to your creativity. More than that, puddings also provide healthy nutrition. So, all the recipes here are definitely tasty and healthy!

25 Recipes of Popular Dessert
Author: Ambarini Kartohadiprodjo
ISBN: 978-602-7596-52-8
| 56

In this book, there are 25 various dessert recipes that is guaranteed to be everyone’s favorite.

Dessert can come in variations of flavors, textures, and looks with very special flavors. All the recipes in this book are selected from various country that you can easily try at home. They are made from fruit, chocolate, fermented creams, and others. Some are best served cold, some are best served warm. And, everything is easy to make and definitely delicious!

Aneka Minuman Berkhasiat
Author: Poppy Suryaatmaja
ISBN: 978-602-759-633-7
Size: 15,5x20 cm
| 64

If a variety of health problems can be treated with herbal therapies, why should we consume chemical drugs? All recipes in this book is guaranteed to relieve various symptoms of early potent health problems such as diarrhea, allergies, canker sores, to cholesterol.

This book is suitable for those who want to experience a natural remedy without harmful side effects.



Fried Rice
ISBN: 978-602-759-620-7
| 60

Fried Rice or Nasi Goreng, is one of Indonesian popular dish that is well known even to overseas countries. Originally, Fried Rice comes from China. Chinese people dislike cold dish and rarely throw their leftover. Because of that, they  reprocess the cold rice  into new dishes. This dishes then spread to the Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

In Indonesia, there are varieties fried rice dishes, with different taste, from the entire archipelago. In this book, you can find twenty-five recipes of delicious fried rice, with the step-by-step guidance.



Flavors of Indonesia
ISBN: 978-979-075-218-0 | 64

Indonesia is a culinary paradise in the equator. From Aceh to Papua, there’s thousand of unique cuisine that does not exist in other countries. Indonesian cuisine is memorable to those who’ve been to this country. From backpackers to the leader of foreign countries, they always want to go back enjoy Indonesian foods.

You can serve the delicacy of the Indonesian culinary arts from your kitchen. There are 29 recipes that are easy to follow, such as Chicken Kremes, Satay, Rendang Padang, Kari Kambing, etc. For beverages, you can try Coconut Ice, Coconut Fantasy Ice, Cendol, or Fruit Cocktail that can refresh and restore your vitality.

The step-by-step guides in this book will allow you to easily make the easy dishes. Or, you can do some experiment and modify those recipes according to your taste.


Flavors of Semarang
ISBN: 978-979-075-437-9
| 64

Influences from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, even America can be found in various Indonesian foods.  One of the oldest main melting pots is the city of Semarang. Semarang, the capital of Central Java, has become an important port since the 8th century. In Semarang, the acculturation with Chinese culture is very evident.

Influence of Chinese culture is also evident in the traditional culinary of Semarang. In addition to Springrolls (Lumpia), Moci Cakes, and Bakpia, noodle-based food and meatballs are specialties of this city. Some foods such as Mi Lontong (noodles), Glewo Buntut Porridge, and Tahu Gimbal are proofs of how the delicious Chinese cuisine has combined with culinary arts of Java.

In this book, you can find 28 recipes. The whole recipes, from main dishes (Garang Asam Chicken, Babat Gongso, Soto Semarang, etc.), drinks (Sekoteng, Asam Jawa Soda, Cincau Ice, etc.), to desserts (Moci Cakes, Wingko Babat, Klepon, etc.), is accompanied with the step-by-step instructions complete with set of images to show readers on how to do it. By following the instructions, you will easily produce high flavor dishes. And you can still experimenting by modifying those recipes according to your taste.