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Half Broken Half Solid
Author: Parlindungan Marpaung | ISBN: 978-602-759-603-0 | Size: 11,5 x 18 cm
| 352 | BW

There is no such thing as a perfect life. If someone wants to make a delicious cake, they should crack the eggs and mix it with other ingredients before they can make a perfect cake. Without cracking the eggs, it is impossible to mix the dough. So is life. There are times when we are allowed by God to experience a “broken” life. They encourage us to transform into noble human kind and appreciate life in every single chance given to us.
This book is the anthology of inspiring stories which is actual and tender. It is complemented by practical description for daily life. You are expected to get inspired after reading it. It is beneficial to develop attitude and positive perspective to face problems in life.



Developing The Real You by Listen to Your Heart
Author: Akh. Muwafik Saleh | ISBN: 978-602-241-030-0 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 408 | BW

This book introduces several concepts in character building, such as:  The Winner, The Winning Stages Model of Character Building, The Winner Character, The 7 Great Actions, The Competences of The 7 Great Actions, Leadership Star Model, etc. The author created these concepts to help the reader understands the big concept in order to be able to build a strong character.
All concepts explained are based on grand and holy values which are placed as the base of success, as explained in the Holy Quran. This because the strongest character can only exist if we just believe in Allah.



Work with Heart
Author: Akh. Muwafik Saleh | ISBN: 978-979-033-846-3 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
|304 | BW

This book is written to “release” the conscience of workers. Thus they can provide better significance to their activities. Whether it is at the work place, with family, or even life at large framed with a spiritual context.  

Working if framed with spiritual values will be different if compared to working just for the sake of chasing worldly material desire. Working in spiritual frame will force a worker to work whole-heartedly, in earnest, and to give the best in order to obtain merit from Allah. This will make working a more controllable process that is full of religious consciousness.

The Secret of Spiritual Body
Author: Samsul Hidayat | ISBN: 978-979-033-380-2 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm  | 184 | BW

The Secret of spiritual Body reveals a revolutionary understanding on the anatomy of Human Body in relation with the wonder of Five Pillars of Islam. In a unique perspective, those Five Pillars of Islam is connected to layers of human body. By nature, the human body’s consciousness level is reflecting the “consciousness level” of Islam, which is the testimony of faith, shalat, fasting, almsgiving, and pilgrimage. All of them closely related to human consciousness that will lead up to the objective of reaching unity with God.



Learning from the Heart
Author: Akh. Muwafik Saleh
ISBN: 978-979-099-105-7
Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 296 | BW

This book reveals the big secret behind every brilliant students. It gives a practical description on how to be successful in your study at school. One of the key is to optimize all the natural potential you have. This book combines the spiritual, emotional, and rational potential all together, integratively, and simultantly. All of these need to be done with vigor and conviction, combined with resignation to God’s will, in order to produce a huge energy (super power) to be successful.