Mecca & Medina, A Visual Guide to Two Holy Cities
Author  :  H. Achmad Taqiyuddin, Lc. | ISBN: 978-979-033-930-9 | 232 | FC
Size: 28x23 cm

“Mecca & Medina, A Visual Guide to Two Holy Cities” is the first reference book in Indonesia, even in South East Asia, that comes with detailed information of the two major holy cities in the Moslem World, Mecca and Medina. Reader will discover many breathtaking and emotionally rich images as its content accompanied with many interesting facts.

This book gives detailed information on history, current, earlier, and future condition, and also geography of both cities. It describes the magnet and charm of Mecca and Madina that attract Moslems around the world.

The Ultimate Guide to Hajj & Umrah
Author : Tim Divaro | ISBN: 978-979-099-525-3 | Size: 22 X 17,5 cm
| 192 | FC

This book discusses the general explanation of Hajj and Umrah, ethics before and during Hajj and Umrah, the practical implementation of the rituals of Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage as well as a practical guide to historical sites in Mecca and Medina.



Historical Churches of Jakarta
Author : Adolf Heuken SJ | ISBN: 978-979-033-802-9 | Size: 25 x 30 cm
| 288 | FC

Historical Churches of Jakarta presents beautiful photographs of historic churches in Jakarta. Each church is featured with concise informative text about the history of the church and its architectural pieces. The book is important to people who loves history of Jakarta, Indonesia, and in especially history of churches around the world.

There are 23 historical churches in the book, from Sion Church, the oldest remaining church in Jakarta which was built in 1695 by the Dutch government just outside the old city walls for the so-called ‘black Portuguese’ - the Eurasians and natives captured from Portuguese trading ports in India and Malaya and brought to Batavia as slaves; to the main church of Jakarta, the Cathedral or its official name, “De Kerk Van Onze Lieve Vrowe ten Hemelopneming – The Church St Mary Ascending to Heaven”, which was blessed upon by Mgr Edmundus Sybradus Luypen, SJ on April 21th, 1901.


Historical Mosques of Jakarta
Author : Kartum | ISBN: 978-979-075-847-6 | Size: 25 x 30 cm
| 229 | FC

Historical Mosques of Jakarta tries to uncover historical and cultural heritages in Jakarta as a melting pot of local and foreign cultures for hundreds of years, and present them in exquisite and unique photographs.

The architecture of historical mosques in Jakarta is rich, thanks to many cultural elements existing among Jakarta’s communities at that time, ranging from local Indonesian cultures to influences of Arabian, Chinese, and European culture. The diversity of the architectures also reflects the characters of the varied communities who hold up each of the uniqueness of the mosque.

There are 20 historical mosques presented in this book. The mosques include the oldest mosque in Jakarta, Mosque of Al-Ansar in Pekojan area, built in 1678; a unique Mosque of Cut Meutia which used to be an office for a Dutch company before turned into a mosque in 1985; and also Istiqlal (which means ‘independence’ in Arabic) Mosque, the pride of Indonesian people. Information about each mosque is explained in an essay accompanying featured mosque.

The Journey to the Middle-East
Author: Dede Permana Nugraha,MA | ISBN: 978-979-033-838-8 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
|416 | BW

In reading “The Journey to the Middle-East”, you’ll get the opportunity to see the true color of the social-cultural identity of its community, free from sacred imaginations that view the Arab-Middle-East community through the obvious sacred-religious perspective.

A very light book to read, set with humorous narration, but still packed with facts and significance. A knowledge guide to whoever wants to tour the knowledge journey and travel the Middle-East.



Top 10+ Jakarta - Travel  Guide to Top 10 Best Destination in Jakarta
Author :Tim EFK | ISBN: 978-602-241-095-9 | Size: 10 x 19 cm
| FC

Jakarta is the 4th largest urban city in the world and the city with most numerous shopping centers. This is the place to recall the Dutch colonial era, enjoying extravagant shopping experiences, tasting unique culinary of Jakarta, which is blend of Arabian, European and Chinese culinary - and place for many exciting travel experiences.

This book recommends all the best destination in Jakarta; top 10 best tourism objects, top 10 best restaurant, top 10 museum, top 10 shopping destination, and many more, complete with detailed information and traveling tips.