Islamic Value

Islamic Parenting
Author: M. Fauzi Rahman | ISBN: 978-979-099-068-5 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 144 | BW

Islamic Parenting is a guide book on how to educate children according to Islamic teachings. This book discusses the intricacies and procedures in raising and educating children in a positive way, full of compassion, and of course with reference to the scholars’ kaifiah, the Prophet’s sunna, and the Quran.




Islamic Relationship
Author : M. Fauzi Rachman | ISBN: 978-602-241-057-7| Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 224 | BW

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Islamic Education
Author: M. Fauzi Rahman  | ISBN:  ----------------------------------------- | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm

This book offers guidance and insight for Moslem teachers to educate and shape their students, using Islamic method, to be a smart, brilliant, nice, and ethical person.
This book is also offering guidance for Moslem teacher who want to obtained blessing and merit from Allah SWT.
Guidance, suggestion, and tips in this book are created based on Al-Quran and Al-Hadith. As we all know, the Prophet Muhammad has successfully created a generation that’s strong, successful, and noble in his era. At that time, Moslem people are known as leaders in every aspect: scientific knowledge, material prosperity. So, what was his secret? Find the answer in this book!



Islamic Teen  Parenting (How to Cope with Your Teen)
Author: Prof. Dr. H. M. Amin Syukur, | ISBN: ------------------------- | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm

This book discusses one of the rarely discussed topics, how to raise children who has reached puberty by using Al-Quran and Al-Hadith as guidance. After the golden age period (1-8 years old), adolescent period (12-18 years old) is also critical period where children learn countless things that will determine their futures. Here, the role of peer group also will dominate the way the teenage think and feel. This book will be a perfect guidance for parents on how to “control” their children using Islamic method.

This is the most important period, either to shape the children into becoming a man of bad or good disposition, polite or impolite, visionary or short-term mind set, a success or a failure. In this stage the role of parents is very critical: How parents give exemplary disposition to their teen, how parents instill “Islamic manners” to the child. This is a very critical period for parents in order to be able to shape the morality, mentality, and way of thinking of their children, not only to determine their worldly success and most important: at the hereafter!

The Miracle of Prayer
Author: Roidah | ISBN: 978-979-099-383-9 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 120 | BW

Praying is a powerful activity. According to a hadith, Allah feels “terrible” if He doesn’t answer the prayer of His disciple. He answers all prayers, not only the prayer of His faithful disciples, but also of the most devilish satan. However, that doesn’t mean we can ignore the courtesy, ethic, and ideal times to pray. All optimistic and faithful disciples will realize the miracle in every prayer.   

The Miracle of Prayer takes us in a journey to understand the true sense of making a prayer, revealing the secrets behind it, and providing guidance on how to make our prayers answered, as it was done by Prophet Muhammad.