Islamic Reading

Sufi Healing, An Introduction
Author: Prof. Dr. H. M. Amin Syukur | ISBN:  978-979-099-836-0 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 136 | BW

Sufi Healing is a variant of alternative therapies that applies practices and values of tasawuf as a way to prevent or to treat illness. Our society has known this type of healing for quite a long time, especially since the growing of Islam and Sufism. However, only in these past years experts found a scientific explanation about this type of alternative healing and then categorize it under the study of psychology, or transpersonal psychology to be precise.

This book reveals how Sufi healing works in preventing and treating illness. The focus of this book is on the act of tasawuf, particularly how tasawuf can prevent and treat illness, either physical or mental. This book also unearths facts which support that Sufi healing is indeed a therapy that can be classified as rational and empirical treatment.

A Journey to Heaven
Author: Roidah | ISBN: 978-979-099-971-8 | Size:  13x19 cm
| 104 | BW

All of us dream of going to heaven as our final destination. In heaven there’ll be joy and happiness that people never heard nor seen before. And, the biggest joy and happiness is the opportunity to meet our creator, Allah. Unfortunately, not everybody can go to heaven. Even if a person has done many good deeds while he/she alive, there’s no guarantee that he/she will be automatically accepted in heaven.

Then, what shall we do to experience the beauty and happiness that Allah has prepared in heaven? Why does a good deed not automatically accepted by Allah? What are the characteristics of heaven’s inhabitant? Are there any special tricks and tips to be one of heaven’s inhabitants? You can find the answer to these questions, and more, in this book. May this book can guide and encourage us to achieve God’s heaven.


The Miracle of Shalat
Author: K.H. Muhammad Sholikhin | ISBN:  978-979-099-385-3 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 560 | BW

What is shalat to us? Is it just an obligation for worshipping Allah? Or does it have a greater and deeper meaning? How can shalat prevent us from doing shameful and unjust deed? On the other hand, how come the people who do shalat regularly do not hesitate when committing crime, such as corruption? What has gone wrong with the shalat they did?

The Miracle of Shalat answers these and other fundamental questions on the secrets of shalat. This book reveals many things from introduction to the ritual of shalat to how we can achieve successful life by doing shalat regularly, five times a day. This book gives an enlightening exploration; shalat is not just an obligation for every Moslem. It is a medium of reflection that continues to shape our humanity and it will give benefit in the hereafter.

Healing for the Heart
Author: Prof. Dr. H. M. Amin Syukur | ISBN: 978-602-241-027-0 | Size: 14,5 X 21 cm
| 168 | BW

As a Muslim, we strongly believe that heart is the source and rope of life. Heart is something fragile given to us by God. Heart is the place to feel, to understand, and to identify many things. Our heart also has to endure many things including being bestowed with burden, being chastised, verbally abuse, etc.

This book discusses all topics related to heart and gives answer to questions such as: what’s the current condition of our heart, how to take care of it, how to acknowledge the potential of our heart, how to identify bad viruses that penetrate your heart and how to transform them into assets, and how to be an insan kamil (the ideal human being)?

Fun Way to Learn Rituals of Haji
Author : Tim Divaro | ISBN: 978-979-099-525-3 | Size: 21 x 24 cm
| 32 | FC

Introducing religious rituals, or to be specific, introducing Hajj ritual to children is not easy. We need tools that catch the interest of children.

This book describes the rituals in Hajj pilgrimage in a light but smart explanation. The narration is combined with unique and hilarious pictures in order to help children get a better understanding




AZRA STORIES; Biography of Moslem Intellectual, Azyumardi Azra
Author: Andina Dwifatma | ISBN: 978-979-099-313-6  | Size: 15 x 21 cm
| 264 | BW

Story of Azra  a biography book of famous moslem intellectual, Azyumardi Azra. AzyumardiAzra is Professor of History and Islamic Civilization at the State Islamic University ( UIN ) SyarifHidayatullah Jakarta . His name is known as Moslem intellectual and observer of the Middle Eastern issues. His name is more widely known especially when he is trusted by the former Vice President Jusuf Kalla to be Deputy Secretary of the Vice President ( Seswapres ) for People’s Welfare field  for two years .
ADirector of the post Graduate Program of UIN SyarifHidayatullah, he is the first Indonesian who achieved the title Commander of the British Empire ( CBE ) from Queen of British . He is entitled to be called “ sir “ and receives other privileges . David Beckham, Football player  and several other popular people in British  a rank below him . One more thing that he is proud of, in the world of aviation,  he  is the highest Frequent Flyer of one of the best airlines in the world : Singapore Airlines ( SQ ) , since 2005 .


Political Thought & Gesture of Gus Dur
Author: Ali Masykur Musa | ISBN: 978-979-075-265-8| Size: 11 x 17,7 cm | 176 | BW

Discovering the roots of Gus Dur’s political and religious thought. As a controversial figure, Gus Dur’s gesture and thought often challenged by his friends and enemies alike. The concept of nationality which he developed is always integrative and inclusive with the dynamics of nation and country’s life. In addition to describing the root of Gus Dur’s political thought, the author also wants to prove that Gus Dur’s thoughts and gestures during his lifetime are not a controversial thing, yet an implementation of the concept of religion values which is universal and ‘down-to-earth’.



Treading The Traces of Amien Rais
Author: Hanum Salsabiela Rais | ISBN:  978-979-075-514-7 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 117 | BW

Through the book Treading The Traces of Amien Rais, we would discover Amien Rais’ accomplishment and view about many things, directly from his own daughter, Hanum Salsabiela Rais. Including issues in politics, social, society, religion, up to more personal issues like his bravery, matchmaking, and family. Also find out many untold stories which rarely known by public.



The Compilation of Fatwa of Sharia Finance
Author:  | ISBN:  978-602-241-975-4 | Size:  15 x 23 cm
| 956 | BW

The Compilation of Fatwa of Sharia Finance contains fatwas and decisions of issues in sharia finance and economics. This compilation produced by National Board of Sharia (DSN) of Indonesia’s Ulama Association (MUI) to answer latest issues in Indonesian banking, such as Giro, buying and selling Salâm, Ijarah, Musyarakah, Deposits, etc.

This compilation book has strategic position as  ’discussion vessel’ of Ulamas, community leaders, and muslim scholars in reviewing and deciding financial and economic issues in Islam .

This compilation is worth owned by any person who is concerned in sharia finance and economics, economic obrservers, decision makers, and ulamas in order to create a society who increasingly appreciate the religious life (mutadayyin) and to form a noble civilization (mutamaddin), according to noble ideals of Islam. To a wider community, this compilation book could be used as an object of law and comparison study, by delivery of equitable public policy, especially in sharia finance and economics

Strategy of Islamic Education
Author: Mujamil Qomar | ISBN: 978-602-241-566-4 | Size: 15 x 23 cm | 388 | BW

Strategy of Islamic Education tries to analyze and offer an alternative solution, a strategy which is capable of pulling practitioners of Islamic Education in Indonesia out from their shackling problems in national education which has often thrown in many discussions and media coverage. Those problems are: (1) facilities and infrastructure, including thousands of broken buildings (many of them are in critical damage), and lack of access for public for to gain and enjoy education; (2) teachers, whose welfare has not been properly secured until now; and (3) curriculum, that is considered to be burdensome by students.




Author:  | ISBN:  978-979-075-986-2 | Size: 17 x 25  cm
| 984 | BW

THE COMPILATION OF FATWA MUI (Indonesia’s Ulama Association) contains all the fatwas and decisions made (decided) by MUI from its emergence, 26th of July 1975, until now. This book is compiled from three sources where fatwas are decided, they are: fatwas decided by Fatwa Commission Assembly, fatwas decided by National Conference of MUI, and fatwas decided in Ijtima Ulama of Fatwa Commission in Indonesia.

Fatwas which have decided before are compiled and categorized thematically, except for one decided by Ijtima Ulama which are presented separately. There are 4 (four) grand themes/categories of fatwa, they are: (1) Aqidah and Beliefs; (2) Worshipping (Ibadah); (3) Social and Culture; and (4) Food, Drugs, Cosmetics (POM) and Science, Technology (IPTEK).   

This compilation book has strategic position as ’discussion vessel’ of Ulamas, community leaders, and muslim scholars in reviewing and deciding religion and society problems both in national and international level, also for wider scientific and natural interests. For general public, this compilation is hoped to be the guidelines, especially for Muslim community in their religious, national, and social life.
This compilation is worth owned by any person who claims to be Muslim, scholars, decision makers, and ulamas in order to achieve a society who increasingly appreciate the religious life (mutadayyin) and to create a noble civilization (mutamaddin), according to noble ideals of Islam. To a wider community, this compilation book could be used as an object of law and comparison study, by delivery of equitable public policy.

Author: Abdul Aziz  | ISBN:  978-602-241-613-5 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm
| 112 | BW

Through 19 books KEYS: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy or 19 KEYS: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Abdul Aziz will share his successful experiences by explaining the keys to achieve Happy, Healthy, Wealthy in life. One thing that he  always emphasised that  Happy, Healthy, Wealthy  not only just the goal of life but also a paradigm of life that are connected to one another.





Author: Abu Yasid  | ISBN: 978-602-241-172-86 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm | 170 | BW

This book tries to reconstruct the meaning of Islam as a the last  divine religion that was born in this earth . We realize , in the middle of the swift currents of globalization and rapid growth of information and communication technologies like nowadays,  the current position of Islam is often debated . Does Islam has to follow  the rhythm of changes  or otherwise , should every change has  a formal reference values of mashlahah in the holy teachings ?