Indonesian Fiction

Monsoon, A Journey Through Sorrow and Happiness
Author: Roidah | ISBN: 978-979-099-973-2 |Size: 13 x 19 cm | 122 | BW

Deinia Renita, a girl of Indian descendant, grew up in Padang. She tried so hard defying the traditional value that bound her family. Born in a family who obey and and strongly belief in traditional values has made her love stories gone bitter. Umak, her mother, only wish is for Dei to marry Na Dji, a man who is a relative of her family.

Disobeying her mom’s will, she introduced Rasyad to her family. However, theier love story is still far from its happy ending, Rasyad died in an accident. As time goes by, Dei met another man, his name is Paloan. He enchants her with his naivety and honesty. This time, Dei didn’t want the love story to end, she disobey her parents and ran away in order to be able to marry Paloan.
In Paolan’s hometown, Dei spent many happy days with her new family. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen for long, those happy days quickly gone, swept away by the tsunami that hit Paolan’s home town. A broken hearted Dei then returned to her family in Padang. What should Dei say to her parents? What will happen between Dei and Na Dji, who has loved her since long?

Mecca I’m in Love
Author: Roidah | ISBN: 978-979-033-837-1 | Size: 13 x 19 cm
| 224 | BW

Rhada, a successful working woman, feels tired with the routine of her life. She’s lonely. For her, success just brings unhappiness because there’s no one to share it. Every achievement she acquired only plants pieces of emptiness to her soul. With her soul beaten and weary she turns to Allah, the Almighty. She then decides to visit Medina, Mecca, and Mina. There, in those cities, she pours all her longing and hope.

Yes, Rhada’s wish is finally granted, although not without challenges. First she met Rudi, a man who once confess an undying love for her during their teenage year. In Mecca, Rudi even had the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. At the same time she found out that Hendar, a man who claims to love her, chased her all the way to the holy land. To complete her misery, she’s forced to accept the fact that Osman, man she’s been secretly in love with, will never love her back. But at the end, she found the one. She anchored her heart to Yusuf, a man with a kind soul.

It’s all worth waiting for. Despite all the misery, loneliness, and heartache that she has to endure, Allah has prepared a kind and saintly man for her. Now she found him, right beneath the Mecca’s sky. Of her patience, Allah bequeaths her with happiness. In front of the holy Kaaba, Yusuf is asking her to marry him.

Finding Love in the Holy Land
Author: Zulkifli L. Muchdi | ISBN: 978-979-099-835-3  | Size: 11 x 17 cm
| 488 | BW

Yasser Al Banjary lives with his mother and sister. After his father death, Yasser has become an independent man. His independence played an important factor when he became the winner of Al Qur’an recitation championship, Musabaqoh Tilawatil Qur’an (MTQ). One day, his mother fallen ill and they need large amount of money for her treatment and medication. At that time, Yasser only own 2 million rupiahs, while they actually need 60 million rupiahs. Suddenly Yasser received 5 billion rupiahs in his bank account. This surprised Yasser then a freelance journalist at Banjarmasin Post.

The unidentified capital made him angry. He then planned to sue the bank for this unprofessional act. According to him, the source of this capital is from money laundering activity. At the end, they cannot save his mother life, but since that time he’s well known as the “Man with Hijab”, due to his idealism and golden heart!

Yasser’s life is colored by the existence of several beauties. Istiqomah, a qariah, has admired Yasser long since, then Sofia, a daughter of a very rich man and also a former student of Yasser, also Eva and Sofia who also part of his journey in finding love. Then, who’ll be the one for  the “Man with Hijab”?

The Chosen One
Author: Roidah | ISBN: 978-979-099-972-5 | Size: 13 x 19 cm
| 168 | BW

Zahra, an independent woman with successful career. However, her luck seems to run out when it comes to her love life. That, combined with her experience in handling cases of violence against women has made her skeptical toward the idea of marriage and men.

As an only child, Zahra received a lot of pressures from her parents. Her father expects her to wed and start having children soon. Forced by his concern he chose a husband for Zahra, a son of his acquaintance. His name is Ipung. To escape this unwanted predicament Zahra accepted a job offer in Jambi. She went ahead without considering her parents’ feeling toward her decision. The new job, assistance mission for Kubu Tribe, acquired her to work at the jungle where the tribe is located, a new experience that excites her.

Fortunately, Zahra’s love life becoming more colorful once she’s Jambi. There she met Sultan, attractive and dependable man who could make Zahra start to remember the existence of God and religion. Then came Laman Senjo into the scene, the naïve and sincere son of the tribe’s chief. On the other hand, Ipung turns out to be a good man too. Then who’ll be the last harbor of Zahra’s heart?



Author: Zara Zettira | ISBN: 978-979-033-988-0 | Size: 13.3 x 20.3 cm
| 416 | BW

When fate draws near, can one avoid his samsara? Samsara is a continuous, unbreakable cycle of life. There’s no beginning. No end. Fate, life, death, and soul mate are … samsara. Samsara is a story of human being in living their life. A story full of philosophy, it will help us choose of fate: which to struggle for and which to accept.

All her life, Asia has always wanted to go to America. One day, she unexpectedly met a woman named Amerika. Are their unique names only coincidence? Or did fate plan them to meet? Fate opened itself to Asia. Through dreams, unexplained events, déjà vu, and extreme episodes. A bond was formed between the two women. Tight, complex, binding, along with the revelation of their identities. Fate, it turns out, showed itself to Amerika, too. On the other hand, she remained passive, while Asia avoided it as hard as she could. Asia continued to run, including from a man who was supposedly her soul mate. However, can fate really be challenged? How far can man try to change preordained fate and soul mate? And who is Amerika, for real?



Heart’s Decision
Author: Zara Zettira ZR | ISBN: 978-9-7909-9372-3 | Size: 13.3 x 20.3 cm
| 200 | BW

Talia’s in doubt: Theo or Aldo. Theo comforts her, but Aldo makes her full of passion. Which one must she choose to love? Or, does she have to harden her heart and remain alone because she doesn’t need any man yet?

Anyway, Talia has to choose: to make one man’s life happy, to satisfy her solitude, or to disappoint everyone, including herself.

Well, it’s time to set her heart…

Zara Zettira ZR is one of our best-selling authors. She was formerly known as Indonesian aspiring young author back in the 1990 and now she’s one of the leading female authors in Indonesia. She’s very productive and with Erlangga she has published three titles.

Bye-Bye Drugs
Author:Fanny Jonathans Poyk | ISBN: 979-781-678-8 | Size: 14 x 21 cm | 256 | BW

Some started out from curiosity. Some making it an escape from problems. Some others regard it as a legitimate definition of rebellion. It all varies, but in the end they fall to the so-called pit of drugs. Drugs are a chain that lures them into breaking all norms, while their willingness to recover wears away. A struggle for freedom starts when there has been too much to sacrifice. Fanny Jonathans Poyk records the struggles in an honest way in Bye-bye Drugs. Freedom always feels better than surrender, no matter how much you sacrifice for it.


Author: Eka Hindra & Koichi Kimura  | ISBN: 978-979-015-219-9 | Size: 13.3 x 20.3 cm
| 314 | BW

Mardiyem is one of the victims of Japanese facism, a woman forced to serve Japanese sexual appetite. Momoye was her nickname when she was placed in a dorm in Telawang, Kalimantan, brothel that catered to the Japanese soldiers. Twenty-one women were in the same dorm, bearing the same suffering in different forms.




Jangan Jual Tristan (Don’t Sell Tristan)
Author: Afrinadi | ISBN: 978-979-015-253-3 | Size: 13.3 x 20.3 cm
| 224 | BW

His life is a broken, winding road. They deceived his helpless mother. He was snatched after one fi rst caress.
Sold, loved for a moment, then thrown away crying. He is the unfortunate Tristan. A “government man” appeared,
disturbed, concerned. In his hands, Tristan became a small footprint that lead to a heartless child traffi cking
syndicate. His story opened eyes, that in some parts of the country, children were next to nothing but sale items. In
the hands of said man, Tristan’s history was reconstructed, a thrilling story of man and his price.




Love Beyond the Age
Author: Esensi | ISBN:978-979-075-130-9 | Size: 11 x 17,7 cm | 266 | BW

This book is a compilation of ten true stories from the winning authors of KISAH (Kontes Inspirasi dan Harapan), a writing contest which held every year by Penerbit Erlangga.

The stories inside prove that sometimes love is hard to understand, full of pain, and must through a lot of obstacles. But at the end, you will realize that true love is inspiring, healing, make us strong, and pass the test of time. Eternal Love will give you inspirations and hope, that true love does exist and it’s surrounds us.


Every Silence Has a History
Author: Zara Zetira | ISBN: 978-979-003-450-2 |Size: 11 x 17,7 cm
| 360 | BW

Zaira, the main character in this story, has gone through a lot in her life. She once had everything, but now, she almost lost her mind. For her it is better to die than to live without hope. But, what happens if an attempt to die was no longer possible?

Stop looking for something we could not find. God is always in our hearts. In silence, Zaira actually find the ultimate truth and friendship with God. This novel invites us to understand that this world can be a very comfortable place to enjoy. That behind all the differences, we are actually the same. Changing our perspectives. And point us to a simpler life. In silence we are able to hear and learn about real life.
The novel consists of two languages ​​, English and Indonesian . Bound in one book with a two-sided display.