Business & Management

Career (Management for Everyone 1)
Author: A.B. Susanto | ISBN: 978-979-075-924-4 | Size: 14 x 22 cm
| 199 | FC

Career stagnation is a problem that is feared by many people today. Sedentary jobs can indeed be a temporary solution, however, at some point, a person should decide which place he or she would stayed to build his or her career.

Career is a series of tasks and positions a person get through on his professional period. The success of one’s career is determined by careful career planning, in addition to knowledge, skills, and professional behavior. In career planning, one must done a career orientation of which includes track record and career goal setting, which are followed by professional satisfaction and career aspirations learning.

This book presents the concepts and suggestions that can be used as personal usage to achieve career success. The professional
concepts have been adapted to the conditions in Indonesia so that the suggestions included could be easily applied

STRATEGY (Management for Everyone 2)
Author: A.B. Susanto | ISBN: | Size: 14 x 22 cm
| 180 | FC

Building organization with excellent and world-class performance requires reliable financial condition, human resources, technology, business network, control of strategic information, and culture. These requirements must also be supported by good leadership, management capability, and skilled risk and crisis handling. Superior performance cannot be achieved without a trusting relationship between the organization and its stakeholders. This book presents variety of ideas and concepts related to organizational strategy in achieving excellence and high competitiveness.




BIZMARK (Management for Everyone 3)
Author: A.B. Susanto | ISBN: 978-979-075-925-1 | Size: 14 x 22 cm
| 161 | FC

Swift currents of globalization and rapidly changing customers’ taste require companies develop more creative and innovative marketing strategies. The development should be done to maintain customers’ satisfaction and loyalty that have stronger bargaining position due to the availability of increasingly diverse choices. However, it should not be forgotten that every marketing activity should not deviate from corporate vision, mission, strategy, and culture. This book presents variety of marketing concepts and strategies that include brand and product development, pricing, positioning, internal marketing, customer behavior, promotion, and so on. The concepts presented are easy to understand as they come with examples of marketing case in Indonesia.


ORGANI ZATION (Management for Everyone 4)
Author: A.B. Susanto | ISBN: 978-979-075-974-9 | Size: 14 x 22 cm
| 150 | FC

The author reviews how successful organization achieves its vision and mission by using analysis device, formulating appropriate strategies, and executing the chosen strategy. The most important factor in executing strategies is leadership and organization culture. Leaders formulate and accomplish the strategy, while the organization culture sustaining corporate strategy. Leaders shape the corporate culture through instilling beliefs, values, and assumptions through attitude, behavior, words, and decisions. This book explains how to achieve the organization’s vision and mission through the combination of strategy, structure, leadership, corporate and organization culture, ethics, management development, and innovations.


HUMAN CAPITAL (Management for Everyone 5)
Author: A.B. Susanto | ISBN: 978-979-675-973-0 | Size: 14 x 22 cm
| 184 | FC

Human resources (HR) that are knowledgeable and possessing high skills and positive behavior are the most important assets of an organization. The problem lies on how to manage the human resources optimaly, given that failure in maintaining human resource management will result in the departure of best talents. In turn, this will certainly weaken organization performance. The author reviews concepts and ideas that are relevant to the updated characteristic of HR management which has stronger bargaining position, more critical, as well as more advanced variation of needs, desires, and demands. The book also describes human resource management with corporate and organizational vision, mission, strategy, structure, and culture.


Author: A.B. Susanto | ISBN: 978-979-033-522-6 | Size: 14,5 x 21 cm | 144 | BW

Dr. A.B. Susanto’s book titled Leadpreneurship: Strategic Management Approach in Entrepreneurship, is very relevant. It explores entrepreneurship and its association with leadership. It also emphasizes the importance of leadership for supporting the entrepreneurial spirit in starting a business while maintaining and building it up. Leadpreneur also discusses entrepreneur psychological review, factors that make entrepreneurs can survive, strategy to start a business which are identification and analysis of opportunities, as well as entrepreneurship and organization. This book is an obligatory reference for entrepreneurs and those who are just starting their entrepreneurship.