(30 Finalis) Erlangga English Speech Contest 2010


Bersama ini kami sampaikan pengumuman 30 Finalis Erlangga English Speech Contest,
Grand Final : 16 Nopember 2010
Time : 09.00 - 14.00
Place : Auditorium Utama Perpustakaan Nasional, Jalan Salemba Raya Jakarta Pusat
Contact : David (0857 1840 7555)

01. Angelia Sulistiawati S SMA Mahanaim
02. Tubagus Raka B SMAN 3 Jakarta
03. Dick Ferrieno F SMAN 35 Jakarta
04. Ayu Tulus P SMA Budhi Warman 2 Jakarta
05. Shaima Hamzah Sungkar SMA Plus YPHB Bogor
06. Alia W. Silooy SMAN 5 Jakarta
07. Naomi Padan Junita SMAN 8 Jakarta
08. Eric Tjitra SMAK 5 Penabur
09. Israna Atikah R SMAN 12 Jakarta
10. Sheila SMAK IPK Sunter
11. Ivana Utami Putri SMA Bogor Raya
12. Feraldo Akbar R SMAN 33 Jakarta
13. Inado Grace Simarmata SMANU MH Thamri
14. Camila SMA Budhi Warman 2 Jakarta
15. Berliana Sinaga SMAN 86 Jakarta
16. Eiphel Mercedes SMA Notre Dame
17. Madhyasta B.P SMAN 62 Jakarta
18. Justian Edwin Darmawan SMAN 98 Jakarta
19. Azzah Ibtisamah Rumi SMAN 1 Cariu Bogor
20. Nydia Amelia M SMAN 8 Jakarta
21. Gabriel Charlotte SMAN 81 Jakarta
22. Virginia Intan Segara SMAN 78 Jakarta
23. Elizabeth Mary SMAK 2 Jakarta
24. Sarah Septiana SMAK Tunas Bangsa
25. Anna Victoria Rahardjo SMA Bogor Raya
26. Yoskha D. Adrianto SMA Budhi Warman 2 Jakarta
27. Indira Zahra Aridati SMA Plus YPHB Bogor
28. Felicia Monica SMAN 77 Jakarta
29. Vincent Tatan SMAK 1 Jakarta
30. Naziih A.M SMAIT Alkahfi

Speech Contest Participants

1. Contestants are students of senior high school (SMA / MA / SMK)  located in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.
2. Each school may send more than one contestant as the school representatives.

Speech Contest Topics

1. What can we do to increase our nationalism?
2. How does social networking change your life?
3. Should sex education be made a secondary school subject?
4. What is your dream for Indonesia?
5. What should the government do to stimulate students to read more books?
* The speech contest topics for the grand final will be determined randomly based on  the speech contest topics above.

Speech Contest Registration

1. Download the registration form here...
(Download Poster)
2. Complete the registration form or registration online...
3. Choose one of the speech contest topics that have been determined by the committee and create a video of your speech. Maximum video duration is 10 minutes.
4. Send the complete registration form and the video with the format of VCD/DVD before Saturday, 05 November 2010 to:
Committee of Erlangga English Speech Contest 2010
Departemen Marketing Nasional Jl. H. Baping Ciracas Raya No.100,
East Jakarta 13740
Or upload them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Speech Contest Rounds

1. Preliminary (9 November, 2010). 30 contestants who meet the requirements and pass the assessment criteria from the juries will go to the semi-final.
• Time : Tuesday, 9 November 2010
• Hours : 09:00 WIB – 14.00 WIB
• Place: Auditorium Utama Perpustakaan Nasional, Jakarta

2. Semi Final & Grand Final (16 November, 2010) The winners of the semifinal consist of 10 contestants. They will compete for the first place (gold medal), second place (silver medal), and third place (bronze medal). The winners of the semifinal shall make new speech. The speech topics for the grand final will be determined randomly based on the previously speech contest topics.* In the grand final, the contestants shall deliver their new speeches.
• Time : Tuesday, 16 November, 2010
• Hours : 09:00 – finish Speech Contest Prizes
• Place: Auditorium Utama Perpustakaan Nasional, Jakarta

1. The first place winner will receive:
a. Rp 5 million
b. Two tickets to Singapore
c. Erlangga English Speech Cup and a gold medal
d. Gifts from sponsors

2. The second place winner will receive:

a. Rp 3 million
b. Erlangga English Speech Cup and a silver medal
c. Gifts from sponsors

3. The third place winner will receive:

a. Rp 2 million
b. Erlangga English Speech Cup and a bronze medal
c. Gifts from sponsors

Speech Contest Assessment Criteria

1. Argument
a. Explanation. Declare the belief and support the belief with evidence. Then review the evidence and the argument in light of the knowledge and experience of the expected audience.
b. Evidence. Evidence usually comes in three forms: (1) The speaker’s personal experience; (2) Empirical evidence; (3) Authoritative opinion.
c. Significance. Explain why the argument is important.
d. Accuracy. It involves the accurateness of grammar and pronunciation.

2. Delivery

a. One must speak clearly. Varying the rate at which the words are spoken is an effective technique, but, as a rule of thumb, slow is better than fast.
b. One must speak loudly enough.  Do not deliver the speech in a monotone. Variations in volume can communicate a great deal of meaning.
c. One must make eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is one way of remembering to engage the audience.
d. The use of space. Because a podium separates speaker and audience, speakers are well advised to move to the side or in front of the podium when they wish to make a point of particular importance. The speaker thereby establishes closer intimacy with the audience.
e. Presence. First, wear your favorite formal clothes. Second, always stand up straight. Third, smile before you say your first word. Fourth, disguise your nervousness.
f. Gestures. The gestures should be unanticipated and unrehearsed, but in synchrony with the meaning of the words spoken. The essential point to remember is that delivery must accentuate naturalness. One must be comfortable in delivering a speech.

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ariyanti said:

we support you!
kak angel ! good luck :) be the best ! yay god bless ya :D
November 17, 2010 | url

ruther gadhu again said:

setidaknya ka angel no.1 di urutannya membawa SMA MAHANAIM
November 15, 2010 | url

akhsani taqwim said:

aduh,,,,,,,,why I didn't won on erlangga speech
November 12, 2010

erlangga.speechcontest said:

@Raka Bachtiar

Pengumumannya berdasarkan acak, untuk nilai kami rahasiakan,
Terima kasih
November 11, 2010

Raka Bachtiar said:

erh... hasil semi-final ini diurutkan berdasarkan peringkat nilai, atau acak kalau boleh tau?
November 11, 2010

gadis said:

saya bangga sekali deh bisa berpartisipasi di erlangga speech contest ini. acaranya keren bangettt!! salute buat erlangga..
November 11, 2010

bimo monteiro said:

what`s the result? i`m joining the preelieminary
November 10, 2010

pak danoe said:

result of speech contest
I just want to know about the result of speech contest yesterday.
the committee ensured me that the result would be noticed online.
but, i can't get it myself.
help me plz....
November 10, 2010

Raka Bachtiar said:

kata peserta yang lain, mereka mendapat konfirmasi tentang perubahan acara dll... kenapa saya tidak ya? saya konfirmasi e-mail saya saja deh:

tolong ya..
November 10, 2010

azzah ibtisamah rumi said:

peserta yang lolos ke babak semifinal
mau nanya.. pemberitahuan mengenai peserta yang lolos ke babak semifinal dimana ya? tadi saya sudah mengikuti seleksi di babak penyisihan dan saya pulang lebih awal dari yang lainnya(karena dapat urutan awal)jadi belum tau mengenai kelanjutan informasinya. maka dari itu, mohon tanggapannya. terimakasih :)
November 10, 2010
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